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Welcome to CWH

An Irish Company who provide a nationwide service and take immense pride in in ensuring our many clients stay compliant as well as serving the Public in our Domestic Water Tank Cleaning Services.

Our Services

A legionella outbreak on your premises could be lethal for your employees and indeed your customers and will affect your business in a big way,  Our range of services and products include Legionella Risk Assessments, Legionella Sampling and Tank Cleaning and Disinfection.These services will help control and prevent the spread of legionella and other waterborne bacteria and ensure that you are compliant with the relevant guidelines and legislation.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella risk assessments are required under the Health and Safety Act of 2005. Our risk assessments cover all areas of water services on site, including CWSTs, Calorifiers, TMVs, and Showers, among others, and are issued in PDF format with prioritised recommendations. If the client requests it, we can also provide assistance to carry out these tasks.

Cold Water Storage Tank Cleaning and Disinfection (Commercial & Domestic)

We clean  the tank and remove all scale ,sludge and sediment from the tank with pumps and hoovers. Once fully cleaned we then disinfect the system in accordance with ACOPL8 guidelines. We also carry out an inspection of the tank and advise of any further remedial action such as adding lids/insulation/ overflow screens to protect against rodents/ insects etc.

Chlorination of Pipework

There are occasions when chlorination of water systems should be carried out.

  1. On commissioning of a new building,

  2. If a building has been renovated or an extension is added to a building.

  3. If there has been positive results for legionella within the water system,

We can Disinfect all internal hot and cold  pipework ,water tanks and hot water systems, We also issue a  Certificate of Chlorination on completion of works. 

Water Sampling  (For Legionella & Bacteria)

We collect water samples as part of preventative maintenance programmes. We use an UKAS-accredited laboratory which tests for a wide range of microbiological parameters.


On receipt of the results we issue a report which contains a full breakdown of results as well as a list of any actions that may be required to be carried out.

Some of our valued Clients

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